Vikings News · MHSAA Suspends all Fall & Winter Athletic Activities (Updated 1/6/21)


Updated (1/6/21) – Under the current epidemic order and guidance recently received from MDHHS, the only allowed in-person, face-to-face activity involving winter sport coaches  and students (except skiing) is voluntary OUTDOOR CONDITIONING activities.

These conditioning sessions must be planned to keep 6 feet of physical distance by all persons at all times and face masks must be worn by all individuals at all times. These outdoor activities cannot be sport-specific or use sport specific equipment; generic conditioning equipment such as cones, weights, jump ropes, and other fitness apparatuses are permitted. Virtual contact and virtual meetings continue to be allowed for all coaches and students in all seasons. Also, the four player allowance is not in effect at the present time – it is a zero player rule for all sport-specific activity expect for those fall sports currently participating in the MDHHS pilot program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nate Maury at 989-344-3523 or at

Update (12/18/20) – With today’s announcement from the Governor’s Office and the MDHHS, the MHSAA has approved their plan to finish the remaining fall sports tournaments and restart winter sports.

The Governor and MDHHS have a shared priority that high schools need to reopen first, followed by extra-curricular activities. With high schools now reopened, the MDHHS has announced a pilot testing program that will allow the three unfinished fall sport tournaments (Football, Girls Swim & Dive, Volleyball) to resume under these new testing requirements starting on December 21st. More detailed information on this new testing program will be made available in the coming days.

Unless new MDHHS orders are issued, all winter sports practices and competitions may start when the updated emergency orders expire on January 15. During this time only virtual contact is allowed for all sports in all member school facilities, except those fall sport schools and individuals still in the MHSAA tournament. Note that the one outdoor winter sport, SKIING, may begin outdoor practices and competition on Monday, December 21 with no change to the published MHSAA Ski tournament dates.

All winter sport tournaments will conclude by the end of March and updated scheduling guidance and winter sport tournament dates will be finalized and shared with member schools next Tuesday, December 22.  All safety protocols remain in effect when winter practices and competitions resume and at this time, the updated MDHHS emergency orders do not allow for any spectators at contests for both fall and winter sports.

To read the complete MHSAA update from December 18, please click here.

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Update (12/7/20) – Today’s announcement from Governor Whitmer and MDHHS has extended the “pause” on high school in-person instruction and high school and middle school sports through December 20th.

The MHSAA Representative Council will be meeting again in the coming weeks as more details are given from the Governor’s Office and the MDHHS to chart out another plan for finishing Fall sports and restarting Winter sports.

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Update (11/18/20) – Per the MHSAA Update that was sent out to MHSAA member schools on Wednesday, November 18…the MHSAA Representative Council approved an adjusted schedule to restart and conclude the remaining Fall Tournaments and to resume the start of Winter sports after the three-week “pause” in activity ordered by the MDHHS scheduled to end on December 8th.

For our Varsity Football team who is still in the playoffs…The Regional Finals game would be played on either December 15-16, the Semifinals would then be played on either December 21-22 and the State Finals would be played on either December 28-29 at Ford Field.

For all of our Winter sports, the Council approved resuming practices on Dec. 9 if permitted by the MDHHS, with Winter competition to begin January 4.

To read the complete MHSAA update from November 18, please click here. The MHSAA Representative Council meets again on December 4 and they will be providing further updates and clarifications at that time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nate Maury at 989-344-3523 or at

Original Post (11/15/20) – With Governor Whitmer’s and the MDHHS recent announcement, the MHSAA has suspended all school sports activities (practices and contests) effective immediately through at least Dec. 8 or until these new orders are amended.

What does this mean for our athletic programs?

  1. For our Varsity Football team, who just won their first district championship since 2005, their season has been temporarily put on hold until atleast December 8th or the MHSAA presents their plans for finishing fall sports.
  2. For all winter sports your seasons have been temporarily put on hold until atleast December 8th or until the MHSAA presents their plans for continuing your respective seasons. This includes middle school sports as well.
  3. During this time there will be no organized practices, contests, volunteer strength/conditioning sessions, etc. allowed by our coaching staff on or off school grounds. The only allowed coach/player contact and activities for all sports is virtual communication and meetings through at least Dec. 8 or until these new orders are amended.

The following is a statement from MHSAA Executive Director, Mark Uyl in regards to the suspension of all athletic activities until December 8th…

“We understand the need for action, and we will explore all options to complete our Fall tournaments when restrictions are lifted. We will assess everything over the next three weeks relative to Fall and Winter sports and come up with a plan that keeps us connected to our goal, for months, of having three seasons that are played to their conclusions.”

Please feel free to contact the athletic office at if you have any questions or concerns during this time away. We will keep you updated as more information comes out from the MHSAA.

For more information and updates from the MHSAA in regards to the Coronavirus please click here.