Vikings News · Winter contact sports are back! MDHHS/MHSAA approve plan to resume winter contact sports

Winter contact sports are back! Yesterday the MDHHS released an updated emergency order that goes into effect on Monday, February 8 which will allow contact practices and competition to begin in the the four “contact” winter sports (basketball, competitive cheer, hockey & wrestling) as defined by the MDHHS. The MHSAA Representative Council met today and provided an updated calendar along with sport-specific restrictions for the four “contact” winter sports. Please see the sport-specific information below in regards to restarting the season for basketball and wrestling. To view all up to date athletic schedules please visit our athletic website at

  • Basketball: Everyone must wear a mask at all times, including during practices and competitions.
  • Wrestling: To be eligible to compete, all wrestlers must go through the MDHHS Antigen Testing program on the day of all meets with no exceptions. Those tested wrestlers would be able to compete without wearing a mask during the match but masks would be required of all individuals at all other times during meets and practices. This is the same testing program used by the football team earlier this winter.

Along with the greenlight to resume contact sports we have been given an update on spectator capacities for this winter. Please click here to learn about the new spectator guidelines at the middle school and high school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nate Maury at 989-344-3523 or at